Employee confidence in government low in the face of Brexit

The UK is experiencing a skills shortage due to a decrease in EU nationals seeking employment

With tensions rising in the lead-up to Brexit, recruiting site Glassdoor conducted a UK Employment Confidence Survey, which reveals that less than a third of employees (29%) are confident that the government can negotiate a favourable trade deal once Article 50 is triggered.

The research was carried out to assess employee confidence in the government, their jobs and companies, and whether they’d consider leaving the country due to Brexit. Despite the fact that the EU Referendum vote swung in favour of leaving the union, workers around the UK show a significant lack of faith in the government’s ability to safeguard British businesses.

In the Midlands and North East, where the vote was undoubtedly in favour of Brexit, only a quarter of employees (26% and 25% respectively) believe the government can negotiate a trade deal that will be good for British business. That number falls to 23% in the South East. The South West maintains slightly more confidence, but the statistics are still quite low at 38%. Those who are unemployed have the least amount of hope, with 41% saying they don’t believe the government can get a good deal.

However, UK employees are still relatively confident that Brexit will have little to no impact on jobs and their companies, with only 24% of the population worried about how the move will affect their employer. More than half (54%) think Brexit won’t have any impact on their individual jobs.

Furthermore, only 16% of respondents say they would leave the UK post-Brexit, with Londoners more likely to consider moving to another EU country than those in the Midlands and South West (28% compared to 10%).

A resounding 27% agreed that the referendum result made them want to move to a new job, though, showing attitudes about work in the UK have been affected by the vote.

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