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    Five changes to watch out for in 2021

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    After a turbulent 2020, many professionals had to call upon new skills and completely transform their processes. The team behind disruptive HR tech platform caseflowhr has pulled together five changes to watch out for to support planning in 2021. With so many changes on the horizon, it is no wonder that many teams are looking […]

    93% of employees have faced new wellbeing challenges in 2020

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    New research commissioned by Perkbox of 13,271 employees has found that 93% have faced new wellbeing challenges in 2020. The most common being feeling less connected to the company/colleagues, increased loneliness/feelings of isolation and increased financial concerns. The study discovered the wellbeing impacts of the events of 2020. A huge 73% state that coronavirus has […]

    Two in three UK businesses ‘not ready for Brexit’

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    Almost two in three UK businesses (63%) say they will not be ready for Brexit by 31 October – and 26% say they need a further 6-12 months to get their company Brexit-ready. That’s according to new research by ThoughtWorks, which asked 1,026 business leaders how long it would take their business to adapt to […]

    Is Brexit making your colleagues too political in the workplace?

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    With Boris and Brexit constantly in the news, it’s not surprising to learn that a study by Jobsite found that 46 per cent of UK employees have noticed a large increase in the number of political discussions in the workplace since the EU referendum. Of course, employees have a right to have their own opinions about political and […]

    National Stress Awareness Month: Brexit detrimental to Brits’ mental health

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    Wellbeing charity Ben says Brexit is having a detrimental effect on Brits’ mental health, with workplace issues such as job security for employees and bosses grappling with the future of their business taking a toll. The new data identifies potential correlation between key Brexit events since the 2016 referendum and poor levels of mental health […]

    Jobs market steady despite Brexit uncertainty

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    The professional jobs market is still remaining steady amid the chaos surrounding Brexit, according to new data from a survey compiled by Staffing Industry Analysts (SIA) on behalf of the Association of Professional Staffing Companies (APSCo). Professional recruitment firms reported that demand for permanent talent fell by 3% year-on-year in February 2019, while vacancies for […]

    ‘Brexit Rage Room’ launches for stressed Britons

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    A bespoke team building company has launched the UK’s first ‘Brexit Rage Room’, to give frustrated teams the opportunity to vent their anger about the UK leaving the EU, or the way the government is dealing with the situation, whilst having fun. The room will include pinatas of politicians, a full-size double decker bus to […]

    Brexit – some good news for City venues

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    Nearly 77 per cent of City venues are expecting an increase in revenue in the next 12 months, despite the apparent uncertainty caused by Brexit. A survey, carried out by London City Selection (LCS) – a consortium of city venues and suppliers – uncovered several other positive findings. Notably, that 70 per cent of respondents […]

    Are your employees suffering from Brexit anxiety?

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    In 2016, 30 million British people voted on possibly the biggest political decision of this generation—whether or not to remain part of the European Union. Whatever their reasons for voting, 52% of those votes were to leave—and at the end of March, that is what the UK is going to do. Regardless of political opinion, […]

    How to prepare your travellers for Brexit

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    As we approach the impending withdrawal from the EU, many travellers are still in the dark about how Brexit will impact the way we travel. With that in mind, Peter Snowdon, head of global account management at TAG, shares his insights on how travellers can best deal with the changes. Although a lot of uncertainty […]