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    EventWell launches PositiviTEA

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    EventWell Ltd, has confirmed the launch of PositiviTEA, a movement and commitment that everyone in the events sector can adopt on Event Wellbeing Day, taking place on Wednesday 3rd March.

    With the new year encouraging everyone in the events sector to work hard in these difficult circumstances, EventWell wants to remind professionals of the importance of also taking the time for their self-care too.

    From a Virtual Afternoon Tea to a Virtual Games Night, EventWell would love individuals, teams and businesses to host a PositiveTEA this International Event Wellbeing Day, a great way to fundraise for their charitable work, that provides vital support for event professionals experiencing poor mental health.

    Laura Ganpot, Youth Ambassador for EventWell, shares her inspiration for the movement: “The idea of a ‘positiviTEA’ came about in my last job role as part of a social and well-being initiative; an idea dreamt up within a working group I chaired. It gave colleagues an hour out of their work day to do something fun, relaxing or sociable, resulting in a positive impact on their mental health. I feel like this movement is applicable to anyone, and everyone can benefit from a bit of PositiviTEA!”

    Caroline Cronin, Head of Fundraising, shares her thoughts on PositiviTea:“We’re encouraging everyone in the events sector to carve out some time for themselves this International Event Wellbeing Day. It’s the perfect opportunity to remind ourselves of the positive affirmation’s that we should be taking, and the PositiviTEA movement has been created as a way to anchor in some fun activities that can be shared with others on the day. If we can raise some money in the process, either by donating or asking others to sponsor you, EventWell can support those in the Events Industry that do need our help. Raising £50 can help us train an unemployed event professional in essential mental health awareness. £100 can offer a week’s worth of groceries to a family in need.”

    To register for EventWell’s PositiviTEA movement, visit eventwell.org/positivitea-by-eventwell for more information. 

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