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Firm in Japan offers ‘crying support’

The ‘Monday Morning Blues’ – depending on how good our weekend has been, we’ve all suffered from that feeling of impending dread, which can get even the best of us down.

But would the prospect of having to wake up to the alarm and trudging into the office be enough to make you cry? It might well be in Japan, which is where an organisation called Ikemeso Danshi – roughly translated to ‘Handsome Weeping Boys’ — could come in handy.

The firm provides ‘crying assistance’ for employees which entails a hired ‘weeping boy’ sitting next to them to watch tear-jerking movies until the worker’s tear ducts open.

The concept is known as rui-katsu, or ‘tear-seeking,’ which encourages crying with the intention of improving an individual’s emotional state.

And it’s hardly surprising considering Japan is home to hotels with ’crying rooms’ exclusively for women to use and a country where firms offer employees ’heartache leave’ to deal with messy break-ups.