Five tips for dealing with an office bully

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With the news that more than a third of employees believe they have been bullied at work, it’s important to take a step back to understand how to deal with a workplace bully. Staffing firm OfficeTeam has outlined five tips to help victims handle a difficult situation.

1 Take a stand. Don’t make yourself an easy target. Be confident and stick up for yourself in a professional manner. Bullies will back off if they’re confronted with assertiveness.

2 Talk about it. Sit down one-on-one with your bully and explain what they’re doing that makes you feel uncomfortable. Not all offenders bully on purpose and he or she might not be aware of how you feel.

3 Stay calm. Don’t stoop to the same level as your bully. Keep your cool and maintain a professional demeanour. Reacting outwardly negatively will only add fuel to the fire.

4 Document everything. Keep a record of offences, detailing what was said or done and who was involved, even if it’s not you. This way you’ve got clear evidence if you have to get a superior involved.

5 Get help. If you’ve tried handling the situation on your own and still feel you’re the victim of bullying, it’s time to get your manager or HR department involved. They’re more equipped to deal with bullies through company policy.

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