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Five ways to win at event planning


Full event service, one partner: the benefits of working with a TMC-based events agency.

A captivating destination, effortless travel logistics for delegates, speakers and crew, plus a wealth of unique venues to book, form part of every large-scale event wish list. Yet it can feel overwhelming to bring all these elements together seamlessly, co-ordinating each aspect with different agencies, sometimes across a number of countries and time zones.

Take the stress away by teaming up with a meetings and events agency housed within a Travel Management Company (TMC). This immediately removes the need to juggle the event organisation with multiple agencies and manage their varied visions.

It also means you can draw on the TMC’s events team’s extensive knowledge of venues, destinations and travel logistics that have worked successfully for past client events.

Furthermore, they can give guidance and advice on event planning from start to finish:

Five ways an event agency can help you plan a successful event

1. Specific event needs

Start by distilling your specific event needs, which will help you select your preferred destination and venues.

Are you looking for a destination with dazzle or a venue with the wow factor? Or is it your company’s content that needs to pop and you require a venue with a blank canvas that you can dress to make your event programme be the star of the show?

2. Travel arrangements

Travel arrangement should also be at the forefront of any venue selection process; after all, delegates and speakers will have to travel to get there and you want to make that as easy as possible. The journey is very much part of the delegate experience and you should consider a destination that is reasonably accessible with multiple transport options available.

According to EventImpacts’ report into Transport and Travel Impacts “an increasing number of studies have found that visitor travel to and from an event can have one of the most significant impacts.” (Transport and Travel Impacts | Event Impacts)

Can you imagine if the travel to the event is stressful, long or unnecessarily complicated and how it could mar the experience of the event itself? How can you mitigate that? What is in your control as an event organiser to make the travel as seamless and stress-free as possible?

Partnering with an events agency with knowledge of group travel can really help here. Lean on the expertise of those with experience in what solutions work; this will immediately simplify the complexity of event organisation. This can be measured by introducing attendee well-being surveys before and after the event.

3. Venue 

With venue selection, ensure you choose those that not only meet your event specifications but also have the potential to charm and excite your guest. It’s a well-documented way to contribute to the success of an event. “The hotel industry grows by 10% a year, so there are plenty of new venues or renovations to keep guests intrigued,” reports (72+ Hotel Industry Statistics & Trends (2022) ( New properties add a level of anticipation to an event programme and can be a good way of keeping a destination you have booked before fresh and fun for your delegates.

4. Delegate experience

Consider the delegate’s experience from travel to the experience onsite and make it part of your event plan from the start.

This should not be overlooked in the decision-making process. As with getting delegates to the actual destination, employ ways to make it as pain-free and enjoyable for delegates as possible.

5. Budget

Ensure your budget is adhered to throughout the event process.

Another factor to consider when selecting an events agency to partner with is the agency’s buying power. Large-scale events agencies, such as one based within a TMC, will have strong commercial relationships with airlines and hotels. Your event programme can benefit financially by working a partner with these strong commercial relationships.

Reed & Mackay’s Events Team can help with all your event-planning needs, from sourcing a venue or destination to organising group travel. Get in touch with one of our expert consultants today.


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