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Friday fun: Strange commuter stories

You think your commute is bad? Check out these strange commuter stories

If you think your daily slog is something to talk about, wait until you hear these 10 bizarre stories of extreme commuters.

Entertainment blog Oddee recently picked out 10 of the most unusual commuting tales and they range from the dedicated to the just plain weird.

They include a 71-year-old librarian in Washington, D.C. who rows to work every day, a New York City businessman who rides a unicycle into the office, teachers in India and the Philippines who walk for miles and swim across rivers to get to their students and the official longest commute in America, a man who drives 372 miles each way just to live in the Californian mountains.

You might remember the story of the man who saved money on London rents by living in Barcelona and flying five and a half hours each way to the city every day.

Check out the full list HERE.

Can you top any of these stories? Let us know @PALifeMag.