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Friday fun: the ultimate lazy office chair

Nissan's self-parking office chair

Some of you might have a fancy car that parks itself. Well, the geniuses at Nissan in Japan have adapted that technology to develop a self-parking office chair. Yes, you read that right.

The Intelligent Parking Chair returns itself to its starting position at the sound of a clap. Motion-activated cameras installed on the ceiling detect the location of the chairs and map out the best route for them to get back to where they started, then sensors in the chair guide them back smoothly.

What does that mean for office workers? Well, it means that truly lazy people could potentially have their chair drive them back to their desk if they roll it always. But more importantly, it could mean faster tidy-up times after meetings and at the end of the day. Imagine simply clapping your hands and watching the chairs tuck themselves back under their desks.

Well done Nissan. Well done indeed. Watch the full promo video HERE.