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Gallery exhibitions for lockdown art lovers, the team behind the 5* rated VR exhibitions app ArtPassport, reveals an even more immersive viewing experience of the worlds best gallery exhibitions for lockdown art lovers.

Although Virtual Reality has existed in many forms for years, ArtPassport has been the pioneer of VR exhibitions since 2017, connecting thousands of artists and galleries to wider key audiences.

Users will now be able to read international art news covering everything from gallery updates, artist signings and interviews, new exhibition spaces, events and initiatives. The new app has enhanced Virtual Reality (VR) for a realistic viewing experience and now there is a detailed history and explanation of each piece of artwork with the option to ‘share’ favourite examples with friends.

Browsing has been made easier with a ‘saved’ section allowing you to create a scrapbook of your favourite art and now with an added ‘NearMe’ option, users can search galleries local to them, wherever they are in the world.

In addition, it has added a bookshop containing rare collectors’ items usually only available in-person at galleries.

Technology is dramatically changing the global art scene at a time when coronavirus is forcing art institutions to close.  ArtPassport has seen a significant boom in downloads with a significant increase in new users since March, showing consumer appreciation for art and culture is showing no sign of slowing.

ArtPassport was developed in 2017 and is the first of its kind to offer 360-degree virtual experiences of real exhibitions. It features over 500 galleries around the world in over 40 cities including 90 per cent of the world’s top 50 galleries. ArtPassport has a dedicated team of specialist VR photographers in London, New York, LA, Paris, Berlin, Hong Kong and Zurich.

The technology works by taking 360-degree photo spheres – multiple images taken from a single viewpoint with an extremely wide-angle lens – which are then processed, joined together and viewed through a special interface, either via the app or on the website or in full VR.

The ArtPassport team developed their own technology to create a result that is sympathetic to the gallery environment and artists, allowing them complete control over curation, photography and image rendering/colour balance unlike other solutions on the market.

Tristram Fetherstonhaugh, CEO and Founder of GalleriesNow, said: “At a time like this, art is an escape and it helps to relieve stress. Tapping into creativity in our day-to-day lives will help us process the instability of life and come together collectively. The app features some great artists such as Cecily Brown, Robert Rauschenberg, Daniel Buren and Mary Weatherford – to name a few. Now with the internet at your fingertips, ArtPassport will allow anyone to explore and escape into the amazing world of art.”

The art world is completely international, and yet even the most dedicated art lover couldn’t visit all of them. Now anyone, anywhere, can.

ArtPassport is available iPhone:

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