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    Is technology letting you down? You’re not the only one

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    UK office workers waste 1.8 billion working hours every year because the technology they’re given isn’t good enough. That’s according to a survey of 2,000 people undertaken by Insight, which also showed that more than a third (34 percent) of employees said that not being equipped with the right technology makes remote and flexible working […]

    SME exec teams ‘too slow to keep up with workforce technology needs’

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    Nearly a third (31%) of SME decision makers say their leadership team is not moving fast enough to keep up with employees’ changing technology requirements. That’s according to the new 2019 Digital Business Report from Advanced, which calls into question whether employees are given the right tools to improve their productivity. 39% would consider leaving their job if […]

    Here’s the office tech workers want and how it affects HR

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    Hire Intelligence recently surveyed 2000 UK workers about the least popular pieces of office equipment and how people really feel about company spending. The firm says the results reveal some key ingredients to better employee productivity. It often feels like there is more technology than ever to deal with in the course of our working lives. Contemporary […]

    MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK: How can technology help reduce stress in the workplace?

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    59% of UK adults experience stress in the workplace but could business technology provide a means to help reduce this figure? The combination of technology and mental health can often have negative connotations. There is plenty of media attention surrounding the negative impact the former can have on the latter. In fact, there is research […]

    More work tools equals less efficiency

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    A study by HubSpot has found that the more tools workers had at their disposal, the less efficient they were with their time. “In today’s hyper-connected workplace, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like you have to take on everything at once,” said Brian Johnson, Operations Director at leading digital and marketing recruitment […]

    Ever suffered from IT rage? You’re not alone

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    Almost eight million Brits have broken gadgets – in a fit of rage, a study found. Research revealed 15 per cent have run out of patience with their troublesome tech at one time or another and have attempted to destroy it as a result. Typically those polled will endure 63 IT issues a year – […]

    Video conferencing is a huge boon to business – when it works…

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    The overwhelming majority of businesses (90 per cent) have reported experiencing challenges when connecting to video conference calls. This is according to a new survey from StarLeaf, conducted by Vanson Bourne, which featured responses from 500 IT decision-makers and line-of-business leaders in the UK, France, Germany and the US, and from a broad spectrum of […]

    The rise of the robots: top tech predictions for 2019

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    What trends will be dominating work and home life this year? From Alexa to the Apple Watch, there’s no doubt that innovative technology is revolutionising the way we live and work every day. And with the new year well underway, the team from flexible office specialist Workthere has predicted the top five tech trends we’re […]

    Digital disruption is changing the way we do business

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    Technology has made companies develop and adapt to new advances at an alarmingly quick rate, but does your business view digital disruption as a negative or a thriving new opportunity to take advantage of? Technology is often thought about in terms of physical devices that are electrical or digital, when in fact, technology encompasses far […]

    Why speaking a second language will be important for future PAs

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    Speaking a second language is a skill that many of us know we should learn but very rarely do. With technological advances, the world is now smaller than ever and even though you can overcome language barriers using this technology, Vincenzo Ferrara thinks that PAs who can speak more than one language are going to […]