Getting ready for Royal Ascot

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Limo Plus offers PAs its top tips on making the classic horse racing event an unforgettable experience

Royal Ascot, one of the most important events in the global horse racing calendar, is the place to be seen this summer. However, underneath the surface of its sophisticated British charm lies careful planning and logistics, from the organisers, to the attendees and their PAs. It also presents one of the busiest times for executive chauffeur companies.

With over 300,000 people attending the event each year finding parking is a challenge. Limited, expensive, and often a long trek from where the action takes place, unless you are blessed to have a space in the Royal Enclosure’s parking lot, (which is rumoured to have a 100-year waiting list).

Limo Plus has worked alongside PAs and event organisers from all over the world to solve this challenge by providing chauffeur driven cars to Royal Ascot for the last 20 years.

David Ramos, managing director of Limo Plus, said: “When it comes to Royal Ascot, we have seen it all. From flash flooding (and the need for flip flops) to the more regular occurrence of some race-goers having one too many.

“Executive chauffeurs have to plan and be ready to manage any eventuality. Those chauffeurs who have a wealth of experience and quality training are able to ensure their client has the most relaxed, reliable and comfortable experience.”

Limo Plus offers its Ascot top tips to PAs, helping them to make each and every journey to Ascot as slick as possible:

1. Check the weather – too many times we have seen event-goers being caught out by extreme conditions from high temperatures to flash flooding.

2. Make sure you have all tickets and parking passes ready to hand, as these can be easily forgotten on the day.

3. Check, and double check your car has been booked for the same day as the event.

4. Make sure you reserve the vehicle well in advance of the event, (this is the busiest time for our industry). Ensure you have the right vehicle, according to the number of passengers.

5. Ladies – take spare shoes. The driver can keep these in the car and bring them to the gates when needed.

6. Take cash. Our drivers have often been asked to withdraw cash on behalf of clients, because they forgot to take any with them.

To help readers celebrate the racing season Limo Plus is offering an exclusive discount. PA Life readers booking with the chauffeur company will be eligible for a 10 per cent discount on all bookings in the next two months*. Please quote PAL2018.

*Eligible on all bookings made between June 1 to July 31.

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