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      Go green to keep the doctor away

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      A new survey shows that office workers who have a plant on their desk tend to take fewer sick days than those without a bit of greenery. Those with a flair for flora have also been found to be more productive and engaged with their work.

      Several world-wide studies, including one from a group of researchers based in Cardiff, reveal that employees who work at offices with live plants are more likely to believe in positive enhancements to their surroundings. Amazingly, workers can obviously spot a fake, as these effects weren?t recorded at offices with plastic plants.

      An earlier Australian study suggests that foliage helped reduce common work-related problems and illnesses, including tension, anxiety, (37% collectively) depression, (58%) anger (44%) and fatigue (38%). Plus, there was a reported 15% decrease in the number of employees taking sick leave.

      In response to these findings, health and safety law consultancy Protecting.co.uk asked UK workers to weigh in on their surroundings. One says she feels guilty about leaving her plant behind if she has to take a sick day, while another claims his office now has a plant care rota, which has helped the employees work better as a team.

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