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Green Office Week set to change the world one office at a time

Office workers are being encouraged to help turn workplaces nationwide green as part of the Green Office Week initiative by Avery. Concerned that taking the effort to go green at home doesn’t always make the translation to the office, and the office specialist is looking to provide advice to enlist the next generation.

With 21 videos shared online, Green Office Week will be presented by children aged between five and 11 in 30-second clips. With the idea that these children have only grown up into a world conscious of environmental consequences, thinking green is much more intuitive as they present their own ideas in the films. Hoping to motivate office workers across the UK, Avery observed that it takes around 21 days to make changes to your habits and are using the videos to encourage lifestyle changes that will leave an impact on the environment.

Among the ideas being shared are techniques such as encouraging ‘make do and mend’ mentality by checking if something can be fixed before it’s thrown away, and to check if there are second-hand alternatives instead of buying new. Avery also hopes to educate on how to buy environmentally-friendly, non-toxic and biodegradable products, and avoid disposable options like paper coffee cups for permanent fixtures like bringing in your own mug.

“As adults we often want to make changes in our lives but sometimes it takes another person making a comment or request for us to take action,” said Fiona Mills, Avery UK marketing director. “Even if an office introduced just a few of the ideas, we know that up and down the country an environmental impact would be being made during Green Office Week, and for the future.”

Workers can get involved by sharing their activities and eco-friendly solutions using the hashtag #greenoffice17, as the company hopes to emphasise to the next generation that small steps can reduce our carbon footprint.