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    Work-life balance more important than salary for two thirds of Brits

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    A flexible and remote working structure imposed on the nation over the past months, has for the first time in seven years, seen work life balance overtake an attractive salary and benefits package as the most desired factor, when choosing an employer. The findings were revealed by specialist recruiter, Randstad within its latest global employer […]


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    Wellbeing amongst PAs and EAs has taken a dive since lockdown restrictions were enforced, according to a new survey by recruiting expert Hays. As the UK recognises Mental Health Awareness Week, Hays urges employers to consider the effect working remotely in lockdown is having on their staff. From a survey of over 16,200 respondents, 325 […]

    Lockdown has 68% of event organisers evaluating work/life balance

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    Research amongst event buyers, conducted by BMA House in April 2020 has shown a significant desire to seek a better work/life balance. With the COVID-19 crisis providing an opportunity for many individuals to focus on family, leisure and personal relationships, 68% of event organisers said they will seek a better work/life balance going forward. This was […]

    MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK: How to create a better work-life balance for employees

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    Improved mental health, physical wellbeing, creativity and job satisfaction are just a few of the benefits that come from a healthy work-life balance. With a quarter of Brits working more than 40 hours a week, and research showing 59% admitting their work negatively impacts their day-to-day life, creating the perfect work-life balance is becoming has […]

    How to double your days off in 2019

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    We all know the benefits of a healthy work-life balance by now: Improved mental and physical wellbeing, a better social life, increased creativity, productivity, job satisfaction and more. But with a quarter of Brits working more than 40 hours a week, we still have a long way to go. According to a survey by PaymentSense, 38 per […]

    Top reasons for work-related stress in 2018

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    Christmas is just a few weeks away and the regular stress and worries about work have washed away under the festive spirit. However, the past 11 months haven’t been a walk in the park. For most of us, it included a lot of stress from work, life and family. Recent figures from the Health and […]

    Employee motivation is declining, says new research

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    New research says employee motivation levels are on the decline with 29% saying they aren’t motivated. A new research report, “Living to Work”, has shown employee motivation levels are on the decline. 29% of employees surveyed said they were not motivated at work in 2017 compared to just 18% who said the same in 2016. […]

    Do working parents lose out?

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    UK businesses need to do more to help working parents balance their professional lives and family commitments without making staff feel unfairly judged, stressed and anxious. A major new survey of 1,400 working parents by CIPHR.com has revealed that 75% of working parents are suffering from stress and anxiety as a result of trying to […]

    Is checking your email on your commute considered work?

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    Sending work emails while commuting could be a sign of work/life imbalance, but the issue isn’t always clear-cut Commuters use travel time for work emails to such an extent that this should be counted as part of the working day, according to a study by the University of the West of England. The research, which […]

    Five tips to a better work-life balance

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    It’s never easy to keep a good work-life balance that benefits both your career and your well-being. We’ve all tried to work hard and then play hard but ultimately one usually suffers. With these five tips, could you finally manage it? With what feels like an ongoing struggle with achieving the ideal work-life balance, recent […]