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      How much do you spend on your Christmas party journey home?

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      Workers could face a massive hidden cost this Christmas, with employees set to face a bill of over £200 to get home from their Christmas do.

      easyHotel has analysed the post-party experience, which found that many revellers fall asleep using public transport, lose valuables, damage their clothes and end up paying for late night long distance taxi fares home.

      23 per cent of respondents said that they have at least once ended up between 50 and 100 miles away, after falling asleep on the train. Meanwhile, 19 per cent stated that they have at least once ended up more than 200 miles away on their journey home.

      Elsewhere, outfit damage on a commute home proved to be a costly factor on the night of a Christmas party for 24 per cent of respondents.

      68 per cent have previously lost a valuable item during their travels, with missing phones taking the top spot at 53 per cent. This was closely followed by dignity at 47 per cent and keys at 33 per cent.

      The journey home takeaway of choice remains the classic kebab at 32 per cent. In second place comes a portion of cheesy chips and McDonald’s, scoring 26 per cent and 21 per cent, respectively.

      Muhammad Mannan, operations director at easyHotel, said: “The bewildering financial and physical cost of the aftermath of office parties calls for drastic action and we’re offering office workers the opportunity to stay with us, insuring against the potentially disastrous cost of the alternative and enabling workers to make the most of a good night.”

      Turning up to work the next day was a tricky task for 21 per cent who admitted to arriving late the next day, while 47 per cent said that they always arrived at 9am sharp.


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