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How to design your perfect home office

How to design your perfect home office

Thinking about taking the plunge and becoming a virtual assistant? You’ll need a space in which you’re comfortable and can be productive. Designer Makini Regal Brereton recently gave the Design Sponge blog her top tips for creating a home office you’ll want to work in.

Choose a light space
Find the brightest area of your home for your office. Natural light goes a long way to making a space more inviting and conducive to focus and productivity. Try to keep the colour scheme light to perpetuate the brightness up and use table and floor lamps to extend your work day after the sun goes down.

Stay comfy
Have a think about the kind of work you’ll be doing in your office and plan the layout to fit. Take measurements before buying any furniture so you can choose pieces that will work with your layout. Be sure to think about all of the equipment you’ll be using, including your computer, printer, telephone and desktop organisers. Choose furniture that can accommodate everything, feels comfortable and matches your colour scheme. You should also consider whether you want to invite clients to your home for meetings, in which case you’ll need to include a table and chairs in your plans.

Keep your brand in mind
If you’ve established a brand for your business, try to design your office to reflect it. Your space should match who you are as a person and as a business. This can be as simple as using your brand colours in accents and artwork.

Jazz it up
Once you have the walls painted and your furniture in place, you can start adding some personality to the space with accent pieces. If you’re a fan of plants, they’re perfect accessories for an office – live plants are proven to boost productivity. Pick out pieces of art or pictures that reflect who you are and what you want to achieve.

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