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How To Do Content Marketing Without Writing Blog Posts

By Mary Kucher

It would come as no surprise that Blog Posts are the most used and profitable strategies for content marketing. Many websites use them to bump up their rankings and get a broader audience. Such promotions are common because blogs tend to include real-life experience, showing that the editor can relate to his or her readers on a personal level.


However, Content Marketing is not solely centered around writing Blog Posts. There are many more alternatives, which can help in getting the audience’s attention. Shifting away from this strategy shows improvement and the ability to think creatively and critically. Here are four steps for doing content marketing without writing Blog Posts, which will guarantee even better success.

A Killer Landing Page

Getting rid of any text is not an option. Good Content Marketing should have eye-grabbing titles and testimonies, to make it more reliable and trustworthy. This requires the editors to use words, which are exciting and yet very interesting. They show professionalism and skills. Straying away from Blog Posts can be challenging, mainly due to introducing yourself to new styles of writing. To find a solution, many websites could use help from professional content writers at essay writing service. These proficients are familiar with many approaches and can give valuable advice and help you with custom content creation.

In addition to the wording on landing pages, you should pay attention to the visuals. Content Marketing without writing Blog Posts would mean more interactive images and outstanding graphics. Such can include real-life pictures or even eye-catching designs, to get the visitor’s attention. Another helpful idea is including numbers and statistics. They are a factual proof of the quality of the product or object, which is being marketed. Statistics can be gathered from surveying the audience or customers, depending on what is your content.

All the points mentioned above should be clearly stated on your landing page.

Find Alternatives

If you are struggling with finding a new strategy, the more important suggestion is to look for actual statistics. Many online resources offer clear and detailed articles on the benefits and disadvantages of different content marketing approaches. You could take a look at this link: Content Marketing Formats Effective.

The most common recommendations, after Blog Posts, seem to be newspapers and Images, which bring us back to the importance of visuals on your landing page. An unexpected discovery is the effectiveness of Webinars. Those have only recently started to gain their popularity in Content Marketing. The main reason is that they help to resonate with your people.

Think Of Your Audience

Content Marketing is rarely focused on people of different ages, interests, and preferences. Most of it usually targets a specific audience, which is essential to establish before proceeding.

Capture 2

The most common way of getting data about your visitors is social media. Posting Instagram polls, sending surveys via email and sharing exciting news is enough to gather relevant information about the audience. Some questions you could be asking in your studies are:

    • What are the struggles they face on a daily basis?
    • What do they like to do in their free time?
    • What social media do they use most often?

There undoubtedly will be a pattern in likes and dislikes, which is a fantastic indicator of their preferences. Finding out your target audience is essential since it allows you to quickly filter data, which will be posted on your resource.

Organizing Events

Capture 3

Lastly, once you have established contact with the audience, it is time to start organizing in-person events. Such can be a high factor in maintaining the connections you have formed already and creating new ones. This also can encourage more interaction and extend the audience, which is always beneficial. Such events may include business meetings to discuss further co-operation or social gatherings where people get to chat and share their experiences in a casual environment.

According to, in-person events are the most effective tactic since it focuses on human interactions, allowing building new relationships.

These four steps could be a great support mechanism on your way to doing Content Marketing without writing Blog Posts. With the development of our modern society, it is essential to consider shifting away from the usual.