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Friday, July 27, 2018

How to help your staff stay healthy and motivated during the heatwave

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By London Doctors Clinic’s clinical director, Dr Daniel Fenton, and HR director, Vicki Field Finally, we’re in the middle of a long, hot summer like the ones we remember when we were kids. But now, whilst we may have a holiday planned to enjoy some of the sunshine, most of us have to commute and […]

How To Do Content Marketing Without Writing Blog Posts

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By Mary Kucher It would come as no surprise that Blog Posts are the most used and profitable strategies for content marketing. Many websites use them to bump up their rankings and get a broader audience. Such promotions are common because blogs tend to include real-life experience, showing that the editor can relate to his […]


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As we continue to keep you informed on what’s happening in the events world and keep up to date, don’t forget to check us out on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn 1. Are you one of the worst offenders when it comes to meetings? Getting everyone in the same place at the same time for a […]

10 priceless nuggets of wisdom from experienced PAs

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10 Nuggets of wisdom from experienced PA’s for anyone starting out in the industry. We asked you, the PA Life audience on social media to share your experiences for advice that you would give to a new PA starting out. The number of people that responded, ended up being a lot more than we could have […]

which degrees will earn you the highest and lowest salary

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This week new data has revealed which degree courses will earn its graduates the highest and lowest salaries. The results are based on employment five years after graduation.   The data, analysed by Propillo as part of its graduate affordability study, has revealed that those with degrees in medicine and dentistry can expect to earn an average salary of […]

Should your office hot-desk?

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With office rent prices going up and office space going down, we ask ‘Is hot-desking the best way to optimise your space’. It’s difficult, your company is doing well but you still want to streamline costs, it’s business. With many companies now choosing to hot-desk rather than have set spaces for anyone below the role […]