How to get the best out of Human Resources management software

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Pierce Ivory
is the Marketing Director & Content Manager at Advance Systems, a company that provides world-class enterprise workforce software. Involved in digital since 2010, Pierce completed a Master’s degree in digital marketing getting first class honors. He specializes in the field of people operations and HR management for B2B software companies. You can find Pierce on Twitter (@pkivory) and Linkedin.

aaaaHuman Resources Management Software, such as Mitrefinch Cloud-Based HR Management, can be a massive time-saver for your company, streamlining all aspects of human resources, allowing you easy access to all your employee records, to reduce time spent on filing and administration, to generate detailed reports on workforce activity, and to simplify the recruitment and new-starter process. But once you’ve got the software up and running, how do you know you’re making the most of it? Here are our top 10 tips on getting the best out of your HR software.

Choose the software that most closely fits your specific business needs
It sounds obvious, but getting the most out of HR management software means identifying the areas of HR in your business that are problematic in terms of time wastage. Using software that will deal with these areas best can save you huge amounts of time, and, in turn, money. If you are struggling to choose the best software for you, most programs offer a free trial or live demonstration, so that you can test the software and make sure it does what you need it to before purchasing it.

Choose a cloud-based HR software provider
This means you avoid the frustrating process of having to regularly update your HR software, as a cloud-based system means that your vendor will automatically update the system for you when necessary

Use it to improve decision making
Having all of the relevant information affecting a business decision to hand, contained within the software, allows you to make decisions more confidently, knowing that there aren’t any factors impacting on your decision that you haven’t considered.

Use metrics tools to improve decision making and devise business strategies
HR software can be used to dramatically speed up the necessary ongoing review of information and devising of strategies based on the inner workings of your business and your competition. For example, you can use HR software to accurately generate statistics on issues including turnover rate and hiring costs, allowing you to create more informed, and thus more effective business strategies.

Use it to improve productivity
By using software to record information and automate a large number of HR functions such as payroll and benefits administration, you can free up staff time that would have been spent on painstaking manual record keeping for higher order tasks. Additionally, a lot of HR time is taken up with dealing with employee enquiries. HR management software that allows employees to seek out the information they want themselves will save both HR and the employee time. Equally, using your HR software to save time on recruitment and selection, as well as employee evaluation and training, which can all be very time consuming processes, can lead to substantial productivity gains.

Use it to track workforce productivity and identify top performers
Talent Analytics is an area of HR software management that is continuing to evolve, and it can be used to review the performance of your employees and the company as a whole, identifying strengths and weaknesses to allow you to minimise wastage in terms of time and money.

Use it to improve business security
Security is an increasing concern for many businesses, and using HR management software to reduce the amount of company paperwork is a good way to reduce security issues, because less paperwork means less opportunities for security to be breached.

Use it to reduce errors
The main benefit most people think of when considering HR software is saving time, but what you might not have thought about is that you can use it to reduce the possibility of human error in your company’s HR operations. Automating processes such as payroll information using HR software can reduce the risk of error to a minimum, potentially saving your company the stress and cost of serious legal and financial complications that can result from human errors.

Use it to make sure your company complies with all necessary legal requirements
Another one you may not have considered is that HR software can help to make sure your company is meeting all legal requirements, because it can give you faster and easier access to the information you need to make sure you are staying on the right side of the law.

Use it to boost employee morale
Implementing software that allows employees to manage their own benefits and absences gives them more control, both in and out of work, which can help to boost morale and employee satisfaction, and in turn productivity, throughout your company.

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