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How to organise a company Christmas party people will thank you for

Tips from Top Banana for going on a recce at an event venue

Our friends at Top Banana present their top tips for organising a Christmas party to remember.

A PA once told us that her new boss, the incoming CEO of the company, said to her: “I’m going to ask you to do a job that no-one will appreciate and no-one will thank you for. I need you to organise the Christmas party.”

The Christmas Party is infamous for being a corporate poisoned chalice. The reality is that you’ll never please everyone. But it’s very possible to please – in fact delight – the majority.

Here are 10 top tips from venues expert Top Banana on organising a cracker of a company Christmas party.

1 Do it early – the sooner you get it booked, the more venue choice and availability you’ll have.

2 Think outside the box – delight your attendees with something they are not expecting, e.g. an unusual venue or creative catering.

3 Recce, recce, recce – once you’ve got a shortlist of possible venues, get out and see them (next week we’ll be sharing our top tips for checking out a venue).

4 Your company, your Christmas – every company is different so get your party just right for yours.

5 Say thank you, the right way – presentation from the CEO vs a free bar? Say thank you the right way for your people and party.

6 Spend your party budget wisely – utilise the cost-effective ways to make your party sparkle.

7 Be inclusive – don’t forget disabled access, specific dietary requirements and to invite employees on leave.

8 Be organised – whatever event management system you opt for, make sure it is watertight.

9 Keep the party spirit going – boost productivity with bacon butties in the office the next morning.

10 Get someone else to do it for you, free of charge – the venues team here at Top Banana will actually do all of the above for you – and it’s free!

Get in touch with one of our experienced venue boffins today and we’ll help you organise a Christmas party you’ll definitely get thanked for.

You never know, it might even get your name up in Christmas fairy lights.

Call Debbie on 01562 701931, or drop her an email at today.