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How to tame your work emails

Dr Monica Seeley releases guide to email management

Email has become a thing that taunts you from your computer’s desktop all day every day. Your inbox is always there and ignoring messages won’t make them go away. Technology researcher Alexandra Samuel recently told The Wall Street Journal how she deals with work emails.

Use alternative methods
There are so many other forms of communication available today that sometimes an email isn’t the best way to get your message to the people that matter. With so many messages coming and going from the typical work inbox, it’s easy to miss something important. So try sending a text or instant message, as it’s direct and doesn’t carry the age-old notion that you have to respond straight away. You can also use different methods to collaborate with colleagues on big projects, such as sharing documents on Google Drive or Dropbox.

Change your priorities
Sometimes you have to weigh up your priorities in order to let go of your emails. If you’re getting close to an important deadline, it’s necessary to avoid distractions and email is one of them. Think about your own goals and how messages fit into the scenario. If using alternative methods of communication can help with your objective, there’s no point not utilising them.

Understand where email fits in
However distracting it can be, your inbox is still an important business tool. Email is the best way to make first contact with people to introduce yourself and outline what you’re hoping to achieve by getting in touch with them. However, you should always evaluate every situation to determine which tool is the best one to use in terms of productivity.

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