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    How modern tech has saved us time

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    Internet banking, portable battery chargers and email are just some of the ways that modern tech has saved us both time and energy, but what other top tech creations have helped save us time? Modern technology is saving Brits the equivalent of two weeks every year – or almost two and a half years of […]

    How to tell if your colleagues or clients are deceiving you – digitally

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    The average person is lied to an astounding 105 times per day. Many of these are innocuous lies – of the “I like your shirt” or “that airplane meal was good” variety. But as a business executive, some lies people tell you can lead to bad decisions, lost profits, or worse, according to Jennifer Jordan […]

    How to stop wasting time on the phone

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    Email has come out on top in recent years as the ultimate productivity tool when it comes to business communication. Marketing Strategist Dorie Clark points out that the average phone call takes 30 minutes, while an email takes five to 10 minutes to draft. Here, Clark presents her top tips for maintaining productivity when phone […]

    How to tame your work emails

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    Email has become a thing that taunts you from your computer’s desktop all day every day. Your inbox is always there and ignoring messages won’t make them go away. Technology researcher Alexandra Samuel recently told The Wall Street Journal how she deals with work emails. Use alternative methods There are so many other forms of […]

    How fast should you respond to emails?

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    Imagine you’re a member of a workplace group asked via email to evaluate an idea. Do you supply your thoughts quickly? Or take time before responding? Your best approach depends on your status within the group, suggests new research from the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. “If you’re low on the totem pole, […]