How to write a self-assessment that will get you noticed

How to write a killer self-assessment

Recognition is hard to come by these days, especially in the busy work environment. If your company conducts annual reviews, use it as an opportunity to highlight your successes. DailyWorth has put together these top tips to write a self-assessment that’s sure to impress.

Document every accomplishment
An annual review is your chance to remind your boss just how much work you actually do. But don’t wait until it’s time to write your self-assessment to think about what you’ve accomplished. Write every success down as it happens and keep it on file so you can compile this part of your review throughout the year.

Make it count
What you see as an accomplishment might not be so important to your boss. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t report it – just find a way to relate it to your company’s core values and objectives. Spell out the value of your work in clear terms to reduce the risk of anything being overlooked.

Gather testimonials
Ask the colleagues who work closest with you some probing questions to gather feedback to include on your self-assessment. This can also put your own self-value into perspective so you don’t underplay your strengths and weaknesses.

Practise the meeting
Decide exactly what you want to get out of your annual review and practise going over your self-assessment ahead of time. Try to make your “speech” conversational so it doesn’t sound like you’re preaching to your boss about how great you are. And be sure to show your gratitude for any positive comments your exec brings to the meeting.

Include your future plans
A self-assessment is the perfect time to start thinking about your career goals. Use your review to talk about your aspirations with your boss and ask him or her for help. There might be a mentoring opportunity there that you didn’t see before.

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