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How travelling can boost your employability

Travelling could be the secret to solving your job worries, according to a new report. CV Library has revealed how you could improve your attractiveness to recruiters by taking the time to explore, with statistics showing that 86% of employers believe that travelling increases your chances of securing an interview.

As spending time out of the office becomes more recognised by bosses, here are the top ways travelling could help secure your next interview.

Broaden your horizons
The world is more connected than ever before, with many companies frequently in contact with international associates, and workforces need to reflect the changing times. Improving your understanding of the world and different cultures could be a major pull to many recruiters, especially if it comes with boosting your language skills or even understanding the pop culture of other countries to help clients conversationally.

Be independent
Heading out exploring alone or with a small group of people can make a massive difference to your outlook. Being forced to look after yourself outside of your comfort zone shows that you don’t need to rely on others when things go wrong, and can act under pressure without a safety net. Having to learn how to organise your time and manage your money can be a scary thought without any help, but the skills will prove valuable. Travelling can change the way you look at the world, the way you act towards others and the way you treat yourself, ultimately helping your self-confidence.

Stay in touch
Staying in youth hostels, shared accommodation or even travelling with a group of strangers can help your people skills and ability to talk to new people, but it can be of greater use than that. Try to stay in contact with the people you meet on your journeys, as they could become a valuable contact down the line, and could help you meet a deadline, secure a contract or even land a new job if you cross paths again.

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