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    Improve your staff wellbeing with ergonomic equipment

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    Get ready for some important stats that will have an impact on the wellbeing of staff in your office: 81 per cent of us spend between four and nine hours a day sitting at our desks, whilst a third (36 per cent) claim we spend up to six hours seated. 

    And here’s the sting: a huge 64 per cent also admitted their office environment has a negative impact on their health. 

    Despite British workers spending a large proportion of time sitting at work, the research from office equipment specialist Fellowes, finds that almost half (45 per cent) of employers don’t offer the necessary tools and equipment to make employees feel comfortable at their desks. 

    A staggering 85 per cent also claimed that better ergonomic equipment in the office would improve their wellbeing. 

    Improving workplace wellbeing – a case study

    Fellowes is on a mission to help businesses get ready for a healthier workplace in 2019. The company has been working with bespoke gift suppliers Papier, who took part in the campaign to find out how ergonomic equipment could work for them. 

    The Papier team tested out the Fellowes Lotus Sit-Stand workstation, which comes fully assembled and offers 22 height adjustments, making changing position from sitting to standing effortless. 

    Papier’s Sit Stand

    After testing out the Fellowes ergonomic equipment, Papier’s PA to the CEO, Claire Hunter, commented that she felt “more focused and alert when standing”and went on to say: “It gives me the ability to break up the afternoon”. 

    When asked if she would recommend the desk to colleagues, she commented “definitely”.

    Another Papier employee added that they felt “more focused and had more energy, especially on long days” after using the Lotus workstation

    Another recent survey, published by the British Medical Journal and the University of Leicester, found that sit-stand desks helped to reduce sitting time and improved productivity, after studying 146 NHS staff.

    Ergonomic expert, Stephen Bowden, said: “British businesses have an obligation to look out for their employees’ health and wellbeing and failure to do so can result in injury, illness and poor productivity output. The Fellowes case study shows that a simple way to address this is ensuring workers have access to the necessary ergonomic equipment.”

    Fellowes believes that adopting good posture, sitting comfortably and being active at work not only makes employees feel better, but it helps them work better and stay healthier for longer. 

    As workspace wellbeing experts, Fellowes help workers to be healthy, active, productive – and the very best they can be.

    Find out more at www.fellowes.com.

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