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    Karaoke: The key to job interview success?

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    Research by Lucky Voice has shown the top five traps that interviewees fall into when trying out for a dream new job or promotion – and that singing karaoke can help candidates avoid them.

    The private karaoke company found that when job candidates and interviewees went to karaoke in the week before a job interview, almost two thirds (69 per cent) felt that they had “increased levels of confidence” in the interview, whilst a fifth (22 per cent), credited karaoke with “significantly improving their interview”.

    The majority (81 per cent) said they felt they spoke clearer and with more confidence than before doing karaoke.  

    When it came to improving confidence overall and personal impact at work, Lucky Voice found that of those who took part in karaoke with friends once a month felt “more assured” and “less overwhelmed by the pressure of work”.

    These pressures include company-wide presentations, giving and taking feedback as well as a “much better rapport with colleagues than before they tried karaoke.”

    In fact, it seems more people are turning to karaoke as a tool to build confidence in the workplace, and Lucky Voice has seen a significant uplift across all its venues for mid-week corporate bookings – specifically for team nights outs.

    Following the findings, Lucky Voice has been working with career and wellbeing coach Nichola Johnson-Marshall from Working Wonder to help the British workforce up their confidence and impact in the workplace.

    Johnson-Marshall says: “When people think of interests outside of work, they naturally gravitate to something they are already good at. More and more people’s professional and personal worlds intertwine so the more you can do in your personal life to build confidence, the more it impacts and improves your confidence at work.

    “Picking a new skill like karaoke will help push you out of your comfort zone and to tackle any fears you might have. Doing something new also gives you a great chance to be creative in different ways.

    “Karaoke involves standing up in front of your friends, and sometimes strangers, and giving your best performance. It’s actually not that dissimilar to giving a presentation at work to your colleagues and employees.”

    And for those potential interviewees thinking that that might not be blessed enough in the vocal department to pick up the mic, Johnson-Marshall adds: “It’s not always the talented singers who give the best performance at karaoke. It’s quite often the way in which they perform it – typically they have a good rapport with the audience, their body language is confident, positive and they don’t take themselves too seriously. These are all transferable skills to the workplace for any employee but also can be applied to being an effective leader.”

    Fatima Al Rayes, Head of Operations at DCB Labs, said: “Lucky Voice never disappoints when booking for a work function – people always leave full of energy, feeling good about themselves, with a huge smile on their faces.”

    Thomas McAuley, Brand Manager at Lucky Voice said: “Karaoke is a fantastic way to break down barriers in your team, reduce stress and boost productivity. It is also a great activity to explore your team’s creativity and develop rock-solid leadership. 

    “Our corporate experiences break from traditional team building activities to push people out of their comfort zone to help build a rapport that you wouldn’t be able to create in the workplace. We encourage employers to swap the boardroom for the booth to help your team break down barriers, and build lasting relationships, all while having a lot of fun.”

    Top five interview fails:

    1. Appearing uninterested in the person interviewing you
    2. Speaking too quietly to be heard 
    3. Lacking confidence 
    4. Avoiding eye contact with the interviewee
    5. Distracting behaviour such as fiddling  

    To find out more about our team building experiences at Lucky Voice, Holborn, visit www.luckyvoice.com/corporate/team-building

    To find out more about corporate experiences at Lucky Voice, visit www.luckyvoice.com/corporate

    Image by 19dulce91 from Pixabay

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