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Late night tensions are leading to yellow teeth

Late night tensions can cause many to grind their teeth, often as a result of stress, which can lead to the yellowing of teeth.

According to dental experts at White Glo, wearing down the enamel by grinding teeth can cause discolouration as the yellow hue under the white enamel becomes more visible.

Teeth grinding is one of the most common indicators stress may be having a major impact on someone’s life and is most commonly found in 25 to 44 years old, reports The Bruxism Association, but can impact both children and adults.

Teeth grinding can lead to worn teeth, increased sensitivity and eventually could lead to the possibility of tooth loss.

Recent research by the teeth whitening brand White Glo suggests Brits may not be taking proper care of their teeth, with less than half brushing twice a day and only 23 per cent revealing they are happy with the colour of their teeth

“Anytime enamel is eroded, teeth discolouration can happen. It’s really important to reinforce and protect the enamel with a top-quality fluoride toothpaste,” said Jordan Kirk, dental expert at White Glo.