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    Work, money worries and lack of sleep among the biggest causes of stress for British adults

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    A new study, commissioned by HR software provider CIPHR, reveals that most British adults (79%) feel stressed at least once a month, with work, money worries and lack of sleep among the biggest stressors. While one in five (21%) of the 2,000 UK adults surveyed describe themselves as stress-free, for many people stress has a more constant, […]

    Brits feel stressed eight days a month, says research

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    A new study, commissioned by HR software provider CIPHR, reveals that most British adults (79%) feel stressed at least once a month, with the average being eight days a month. Taken over the course of a year, that’s 96 days (around three months) spent struggling with stress. Expand that over the course of an average […]

    Revealed: The UK’s employee burnout hotspots

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    In 2019, the World Health Organisation (WHO) classed burnout as a diagnosable syndrome because of stress in the workplace. Burnout affects more people than previously thought, with research finding nearly a quarter of the workforce suffer on a regular basis. Symptoms of workplace burnout include: Feeling stressed Feeling cynical about working conditions and colleagues Emotionally distanced […]

    Work-Life Balance: Is Over-Working Keeping You Single or Lonely?

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    There are many forms of love that we can embrace. Love for your partner, love for your family, love for your friends, and even love for your job. Since the beginning of the 1990s, the weekly hours spent at work by people in the UK have shot up. For many, a job isn’t just a […]

    These are the top 30 most stressful life situations

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    First dates, work presentations and making phone calls to strangers are among the top 30 most stressful situations in life, according to research. A study of 2,000 UK adults found deadlines for work, bumping into an ex-partner and forgetting something important are other things which cause unnecessary distress. But running late to something like an […]

    Eight things SME employers should know about burnout

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    By Debra Clark, Head of Specialist at Towergate Health & Protection Employees are at greater risk than ever of suffering burnout and employers should consider putting in place preventative and curative measures. For SME employers in particular, who are likely to have less capacity, it is important to look at tackling burnout in a sustainable […]

    How to improve your comfort and health at work

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    The workplace has an enormous influence on your physical and mental health. Companies now take steps to enhance the welfare of workers in recognition that poor wellbeing can create huge productivity and economic losses. As an employee, you can also contribute towards improving your comfort and health at the office in several ways. From proper posture and positioning of […]

    Here are the 50 most annoying things in life – Deleting spam emails anyone?

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    A nationwide study has revealed the most mind-numbing experiences modern Brits face, with 28 percent claiming it drives them crazy when they have to pick bits of paper from clean laundry because someone left a tissue in their pocket. Having to scrape dog poo out of the grooves of your shoe with a twig, deleting spam […]

    Eight ways to reduce stress in the workplace

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    As businesses start to reopen and staff return to the workplace, Kayleigh Frost, Head of Clinical Support at Health Assured offers some advice on how to avoid stress in the workplace… It’s been quite the year for everyone, and while things are beginning to look a bit better, the added pressure of returning to work may […]

    How do you manage employee workplace stress?

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    For National Stress Awareness Month, Benenden Health’s Head Matron Cheryl Lythgoe provides insight into how employers can effectively manage employee stress amid the COVID-19 pandemic… Workplace stress is the harmful reaction that people have to undue pressure and demands placed on them at work, with research last year revealing that the jobs of nearly half of all […]