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Lime Venue Portfolio to Contribute to Net Zero Target

Lime Venue Portfolio has joined the global effort to reach Net Zero; joining its parent company, Compass Group UK&I in its commitment to the UN’s Race to Zero campaign.

The group became the first in the industry to publish a Net Zero plan, which will help deliver its ambition to create a sustainable food system, and will be supported by Lime Venue Portfolio, amongst its meetings and events brands.

These commitments will be realised in partnership with the group’s partner venues, and as part of the group’s desire to lead the way in sustainable event food across the industry. Jo Austin, Sales Director, Lime Venue Portfolio, commented: “It’s just another example of why having the might of Compass Group UK&I can really add weight and value to our work in the events industry.

“This is a hugely significant, meaningful, commitment that allows us to bring sustainable event food to the next level. It absolutely allows us to work with your venues, and our customers, to take on the responsibility of making their food more sustainable. It also shows us playing our part in their own commitments in creating greener events; something our clients uniformly want.”

Local and seasonal ingredients will be key. By 2030 there will be a 40% switch towards plant-based proteins, with an interim target of at least 25% by 2025. Moreover, 70% of the top 5 food categories (dairy & cheese, fruit & vegetables, pork, beef and chicken) is to be sourced from regenerative agriculture by 2030.

Recognising the impact of its supply chain and the role it has in influencing positive change across the food system, the company will make key interventions to increase the adoption of regenerative agricultural principles and practices across all key product categories and increase the share of locally sourced foods. It will also rework its supplier auditing process to include key environmental performance criteria, including energy and resources efficiency, renewable energy, waste management and green logistics.