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How mobiles are changing the event world – Live from the Academic Venue Showcase

The majority of Brits risk burnout due to their gadget obsession

Mobiles are big business, in case you didn’t notice. Mobile technology, from phones to tablets to video game consoles and even watches mean that we’re hooked up to the internet 24/7. Odds are you’re actually reading this on your phone, as mobile usage officially surpassed desktop computer usage back in 2014, and this year smartphone users will reach 2 billion.

Despite this, plenty of event organisers aren’t making the most of the situation, and CEO and Founder of Conference Compass, Jelmer Van Ast has taken to the stage at the Academic Venue Showcase to reveal just what organisers are missing out on by not going mobile.

Go evergreen
90% of time spent on our phones is interacting with mobile apps. Investing time into producing an event app is a good start, but don’t stop updating content once the event comes to a close. Use the app to release content, promote other events and make it a useful resource users want to have on their phone

Expand your reach
Sometimes people can’t make it to an event, maybe it’s a budget thing, maybe it’s a timing thing, maybe they’re just ill. Whatever the reason, encourage those that aren’t at the event to still download the app. Through pictures, articles and even live streams, show those who are absent exactly what they’re missing out on.

Appeal to advertisers
Partnerships, sponsorships and advertisements don’t need to end when the event closes. Give advertisers the opportunity to target their audience throughout the year and more content will be generated for your app in this time, boosting its longevity.

Get people talking
Plenty of people aren’t a fan of active audience participation, so change tactics. Integrating mobile devices means you can set up live polls, discussion boards and question submissions. Get your audience talking and engaging with your speakers and fellow attendees without having to stand up or hold a microphone.

Set goals
Once the conference is over, don’t write off the app. Apple itself are encouraging apps to offer value throughout the year because nobody will keep a dead app on their phone. Make your application a mobile platform that can promote opportunities throughout the year and show that there’s no other way to experience an event.

“We are no longer in a mobile first world, we are in a mobile only world,” said Google’s Larry Page, but do mobile phones have a place in the event world? Would you want attendees constantly looking at your phones? Let us know on TwitterFacebook or LinkedIn.