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Londoners work more hours than Parisians

Research shows employees want to work more hours

A new survey by UBS shows that London ranks 17th on a list of the 18 countries that work the fewest hours, with employees racking up an average of 1,740 hours per year.

If you’re looking to work less, you may want to consider heading across the Channel, where Parisians clocking the fewest hours at 1,604 hours in a year per person. Next up is Lyon at 1,631 hours, or 31 hours and 22 minutes a week.

Compared to these low figures it would seem Londoners toil away for an average of 33 and a half hours a week. Yet that’s still 8% less than the global average of 36 hours and 23 minutes, according to data from Expert Market.

Workers in Hong Kong take the prize for the most dedicated, where the average week is just over 50 hours – 38% more than the global average, 50% more than Londoners and 62% longer than Parisians.

With France pushing legislation that bans out-of-hours work emails and countries like Sweden quickly adopting a six-hour workday, it looks likely that work-life balance will improve greatly Europeans.

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