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Make your LinkedIn profile shine for a job search

When it comes to the recruitment process these days, increasing numbers of managers and HR people are bypassing job sites and networking events and going straight for the big one: LinkedIn.

With more than 300 million members and counting, the professional networking site is filled with top recruitment managers on the hunt for the right people to fill their roles.

Recently, Sonja Firth spent time chatting to several recruiters on LinkedIn and got them to share their secrets. Here are the top six things recruitment managers are looking for from prospective employees on LinkedIn right now:

1. There may be millions of members competing for top job opportunities on LinkedIn, but I’m willing to bet the bank that none of them boast exactly the same combination of skills, strengths and experience that you do. Make sure you make your profile visible, as Firth says: “It’s paramount that you play an active role in using Linkedin to boost your career.”

2. Did you know that the majority of keyword searches on LinkedIn are focused on skills and industry expertise? Now that you do, it’s time to get to work on incorporating some of those keywords into your profile.

3. Fail to make a powerful first impression in those first few seconds, and you’ll have them heading to the next profile quicker than you can say ‘lost opportunity.’ Start then by focusing on the key details that are displayed in LinkedIn’s search results. Create a captivating headline, upload a quality profile shot, and check that your location, industry and role are all present and correct.

4. Here’s another secret for you: Most recruiters aren’t on the hunt for a soulless, Work-a-Tron 5000 machine to carry out their bidding. Rather, they’re looking for real people with real personalities who’ll fit in well with their organisation. Show recruiters that not only do you have the right tools for the job, but you’re also exactly the kind of person they’d enjoy having in their team.

5. What can you do, or say, that shows you’re a cut above the rest? How can you demonstrate that you’re on top of your game in a way that convinces recruiters to make that initial contact? How about making sure your summary and experience sections shine brightly with your biggest accomplishments? That they immediately get your personality and goals across, and highlight the kind of key assets that make you a can’t-miss candidate?

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