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Managers’ trust issues misplaced on model employees

Managers don't trust their employees

Workplace productivity and a business’s ability to monitor personal messages at the office have been in the spotlight lately following a European court ruling. However, productivity firm Nitro has proven that while managers have a lack of trust in their staff, employees are reporting that their personal business is being left at the door.

Nitro surveyed 1,000 employees and their bosses and found that managers consistently underestimate staff productivity levels, reports Management Today. They also assume workers spend more time on social media and taking care of personal business than they actually do.

More than half of employees report they don’t spend any more than 15 minutes on personal admin at work, while 46% of managers believe it’s closer to 15-30 minutes or more. Meanwhile, 75% of bosses assume staff check their mobile phones every hour, but half of workers only look at their devices once every few hours.

Obviously the employees surveyed might have been lying about their productivity, but the numbers are still indicative of a disconnect between what managers think is happening and what’s actually going on at the office.

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