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    Feeling overwhelmed? Here are 5 tips for regaining control

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    By Janet Alkema, Time Management Expert… I think we are all feeling a little overwhelmed right now. When will the lockdown end? When will my child go back to school? Do I want to go back to the office? A million questions, but no concrete answers. We don’t have a new routine, we hold onto […]

    Artificial intelligence results in a more productive workforce

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    A new survey of more than 750 decision-makers within UK businesses has revealed the employee and organisational benefits of deploying artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. The new research from Fountech Solutions found that 59% believe that deploying AI solutions has made their organisation a better, more interesting place to work. The research revealed that 65% of employees now […]

    The Year of Hybrid: Five Workplace Predictions For 2021

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    By Lieven Bertier, Workplace Segment Director, Barco ClickShare The Coronavirus pandemic caused perhaps the biggest and fastest shift in working practices that we’ve ever seen. But while we’re not yet out of the woods with Covid-19, and many businesses are still predominantly working remotely, what’s increasingly clear is that this terrible pandemic will not spell […]

    3 in 5 bosses admit the pandemic has positively impacted workforce productivity

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    Three in five bosses (60%) say that the pandemic has unexpectedly impacted the productivity of their workforce in a positive way. The new research from Hitachi Capital Business Finance has also revealed that one in five say their staff are now more independent since working from home (20%). The survey of over 1,000 small businesses asked […]

    Colour can help create a productive home-working environment

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    By James Morton Colour can have a big impact on how we feel, and including the right colours in a home working environment can help you focus and boost creativity. How to use colour in your home office Blue – The use of blue in interior design has been found to create a sense of […]

    REVEALED: The world’s hardest-working countries

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    New research has placed Mexico at the top of the list for most hours worked, with employees in the country putting in 2137 hours annually. This is followed by Costa Rica, at 2059.6 hours a year, Korea at 1967 hours a year, and Greece at 1949 hours a year. At the other end of the scale, Denmark, Germany and Norway have the […]

    New research shows worker burnout up 33%

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    Employee burnout is reaching new highs, with aggregated data from 1.75 million employee-engagement surveys carried out this year showing 5.41% of employees provided free-text comments that spoke to fatigue, being overwhelmed and other potential signals of burnout. By contrast, January’s reading was just 4.08%. The past two years have averaged 4.12% — a 33% rate rise. […]

    11.42am: The time when PAs and administrative assistants are the most productive

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    A new study has pinpointed the most productive and creative times of day for each profession, with the average UK worker being most effective around lunchtime. Brits are most productive late in the morning, at 11:54am, but feel most inventive during their midday break, reaching their creative peak at 12:42pm. The research, conducted by Tic Watches, […]

    Office workers feel more productive and happier after being outdoors

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    New research has revealed that office workers feel more productive and in a better mood after being in the great outdoors. Productivity improved by 45 per cent from being outside for just 29 minutes – and 63 per cent feel better ‘in themselves’ after spending time in fresh air, according to the 2,000 office staff […]

    28% of UK workers have cancelled annual leave in 2020

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    A report by global HR software and employment law advice service BrightHR has revealed that 28% of UK workers have cancelled annual leave in 2020. The report, which uses data from over 300,000 BrightHR users, also found that, predictably, the two highest months for cancelled leave were while the UK was in full lockdown. April […]