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    Business Productivity: 3 Digital Tools to Boost Your Team’s Efficiency & Morale

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    What makes a business profitable and successful? Is it hiring the right people? Focusing on your most profitable products and services? What about productivity? In today’s digital world, we have tools at our fingertips that allow us to do more in our workday, making our people and ultimately our businesses more productive. But where do […]

    More than half of employers feel they don’t know their employees, new survey reveals

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    Some 53 per cent of the nation’s employers that they don’t know their employees even slightly well on a personal level, a new office worker survey has revealed. The Lunch Break Bonding survey, conducted by Just Eat for Business, delves into office workers’ perception of social lunch breaks, scheduled meetings and team building events, and is paired with […]

    Two fifths of employers say men postpone health issues which causes workplace disruption

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    Two fifths of employers (39%) say that their male employees wait until a health problem becomes severe before talking to their line manager or HR department, which in turn leads to team or workplace disruption. That’s according to new research from Peppy, which also found that 37% of employers say that one of the main issues […]

    Bored of work? The typical Brit needs a break every 46 days

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    A survey of 2,000 adults found their tiredness levels, effectiveness at work and general mood suffers if they wait any longer before enjoying a trip away. A third also admit they find it harder to concentrate if they go without a holiday for too long. However, those polled only manage to escape the daily grind […]

    Engagement levels drop by nearly two-thirds for those expecting to leave jobs

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    Recent research reveals that over 1 in 8 UK employees (13%) expect to leave their current jobs within 12 months, with engagement levels dropping by 60% compared to those who intend to stay in their current roles. For those expecting to leave their roles, current engagement rates stand at 36%. This is compared to an […]

    Here’s what Brits do to wake up every morning

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    Sleepy Brits hit the alarm snooze button for at least 15 minutes each morning and function on ‘autopilot’ until they feel fully awake – half an hour after starting work A study of 2,000 adults found the average alarm is set for 6.54am, before they actually get out of bed at 7.12am. But it’s another 29 minutes before people feel awake and ready to start the day – although men need an […]

    FUN FACT: You’ll spend just over three years of your life on video calls for work

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    A typical adult will also spend two years of their lives online shopping and a further three years on social media. Streaming music accounts for another three years – the equivalent of 52 minutes a day – while checking emails amounts to a total of two years and four months over the average adult lifetime. […]

    Need a pick me up? Here are the top 40 Brit boosters

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    Brits need three ‘boosts’ to get them through a typical day – with the first required as early as 9:12am. Research of 2,000 adults revealed those aged between 18-24 need the most boosts, with adults between 55-64 requiring least. The biggest pick-me-ups were found to be getting some good news, the sun shining and getting […]

    Back in the office and struggling to concentrate? 6 ways to boost your productivity levels

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    Now that workers are back in the office, some people may be finding it difficult to concentrate in this environment after working from home for so long – but how can you fix this? Below, experts at Office Furniture Online give their top tips on how you can improve your productivity levels in the office. Temperature As […]

    Is your business comms setup costing you time and money?

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    More than half of UK businesses could be losing time and money by failing to adopt a consolidated approach to business communications, according to a new survey conducted by smart IP communications provider Fuse 2 Communications. The survey of more than 500 employers and employees found that 52% of businesses are currently relying on separate […]