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New national mentoring initiative kicks off

Packed with 35 useful ideas, the companion guide to National Mentoring Day is essential for those wanting to play a part in raising awareness of mentoring.


The countdown to the UK’s first National Mentoring Day has begun, with mentors, mentoring initiatives and organisations across the country about to be put in the national spotlight. The event, which already has the backing of Iain Wright MP and numerous high-profile business leaders, will be taking place on 27th October, when mentors and mentees across the country will join forces to celebrate a true force for good in the world of business and education.

As excitement builds over this inaugural event, the founder behind National Mentoring Day Chelsey Baker has launched a comprehensive, downloadable guide packed with suggestions as to how the public can get involved with this exciting new national awareness day.

The Get Involved Guide is full of ideas to help the nation to play their part in the celebration of mentoring on the new awareness day – whether they’re hosting a lecture or workshop in their own workplace, or launching a new mentoring initiative at a local school, college or university. There are ideas for educational establishments, some top tips for increasing awareness and even a section to inspire mentors to work within local communities, providing everything from money management advice to help putting CVs together.

Chelsey Baker, Founder of National Mentoring Day, has been overwhelmed with the widespread support for the event, with messages flooding in from high-profile leaders and prominent figures offering their skills.

Chelsey says, “National Mentoring Day is already generating attention across the country, and we’re confident that it’s only the beginning! To help people get into the spirit of National Mentoring Day, we’ve put together this complete guide to help those who want to get involved with mentoring but aren’t sure where to start. Part of the aim of National Mentoring Day is to raise awareness about the different ways people can find or become mentors, so we’ve released our Get Involved Guide, packed with fun and exciting suggestions for keen mentors or potential mentees.”

She adds, “We want to encourage all those taking part to think of mentoring in new ways, so we’ve included suggestions like speed mentoring, where those looking for help can network with potential mentors and find someone suitable for them. We also want to inspire people to share their mentoring stories with us, whether it’s using a simple social media update or via a recorded message. We’ll be sharing the best updates on our feeds @MentoringRocks, and we’d love as many people to get involved as possible!”

As well as the downloadable guide, the National Mentoring Day website has been updated with a myriad of resources to help participants spread the word – from social media graphics which can be posted to raise awareness on Facebook and Twitter, to printable ‘thank you’ cards which can be sent to mentors in a display of gratitude.