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      New start up offers fast visas

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      Switzerland-based Viselio is offering what it claims is a simple and fast way to apply for visas to countries with some of the lengthiest and complicated applications, such as Russia, India and China. 

      Launching in the UK this month, travellers will now have access to the innovative online visa service for these destinations as well as Vietnam, Nepal, Kenya, Mongolia and Myanmar, amongst others.

      With a total of 36 countries available, Viselio processes visa applications from a  fee of just £21 in just seven minutes, using technology that digitalises the whole procedure offering customers a simple and secure way to apply.

      The first fully automated visa application submission in the world, Viselio’s simple and fast solution does away with a long, outdated and frustrating system of filling out the same information in several forms which is often experienced with a traditional visa applications.

      For countries that request person meetings or finger prints, such as China, Viselio offers a dedicated customer support service to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. From completing the form and sending it, to being met at the embassy and offered interview advice, Viselio is available to help throughout.

      In addition to individual travel, Viselio has streamlined the process for groups by designing a Visa Panel. The panel avoids unnecessary trips to the embassy and reams of paperwork, and instead organises all the data in once place, which is adjustable to the client’s preference.

      The result is that tour operators, travel management companies and travel agents can fill in and manage group visas with once simple click. Using the Advanced Passenger Information (API), agents can insert personal data such as name and address and import further booking details for example PNR or Mid-office to make the whole process is made easier. Particularly helpful for business travel, companies can request for this data to be saved so that future visas can be organised as quickly as possible.

      In addition to the UK, Viselio already operates in France, Switzerland, Germany and Austria and has plans to expand to Scandinavia later this year.

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