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    Nice news for David and Susan: The kindest names revealed

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    Here’s a bit of fun for your Friday afternoon – men named David and women named Susan are the kindest people in Britain, according to new study that reveals what people perceive to be the kindest names.

    Experts polling 2000 adults have revealed the names most associated with kindness and good will, and found those bearing the monikers John, Michael and James are compassionate and kind-hearted. Meanwhile, those named Sarah, Ann and Margaret are also considered nice and caring by their friends and family.

    Other men likely to be thoughtful and kind are called Paul, Peter, Mark and Christopher. And women most likely to lend a sympathetic ear to friends are named Christine, Linda, Elizabeth and Emma.

    Always asking how you are, saying thank you and remembering special dates are key signs of kindness in an individual, while 14% of Brits think kindness is demonstrated by helping an elderly neighbour and 33% expect kindness to be shown in a charitable way, either by donating cash or unwanted possessions.

    David Robinson, Branch Manager for Skipton Building Society, which commissioned the study said: “There certainly seem to be some people in Britain who are considered kinder than others, and I’m glad to see my name David at the top of the list alongside Susan. Kindness can be shown in a number of different ways, but a key factor is showing support and help to others who need it – whether these people are friends, family members or those living in the wider community. It seems the general consensus is that those of us named David and Susan make slightly more of a difference to other people’s lives, as perhaps we are more generous with our affections and thought for others.”

    When it comes to family members, mum is the kindest of all according to 31% of people, followed by sisters, who take 10% of the votes, and dad, who takes 7%.

    The average person claims to be on the receiving end of seven acts of kindness each week, and has four particularly kind friends and four caring family members. Nine out of 10 respondents believe they are kind themselves, although a third of people do think those who are particularly kind simply have more time on their hands, and 19% think compassion is something you are born with. In order to try and be kind, 12% of those polled volunteer regularly, and 11% help out in the local community.

    Top 10 kindest men
    1 David
    2 John
    3 Michael
    4 James
    5 Paul
    6 Peter
    7 Mark
    8 Christopher
    9 Andrew
    10 Robert

    Top 10 kindest women
    1 Susan
    2 Sarah
    3 Ann
    4 Margaret
    5 Christine
    6 Linda
    7 Elizabeth
    8 Emma
    9 Carol
    10 Helen

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