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OFFICE SUPPLIES: 4R Office Solutions

4R Office is a web-based office supplies business. The company promotes sustainability by price supporting and leading with eco and ethical products to improve their appeal and encourage their use. 

Some 2% of turnover is donated to Pump Aid (, a charity that continues to improve the health and quality of life by providing clean water and sanitation to communities in Africa. Lack of clean water and sanitation disproportionately affects women and children. They are predominantly the ones who make the quite often long and unsafe daily walk to collect water. Children miss out on education and women are diverted from other more productive and fulfilling activities. 

The 4R Office ethos is that to achieve long term success there is a balance to be found between protecting people, the planet and profit. 

4R Office makes it possible for the smaller business to make a difference while potentially saving time and money so extra benefits without any additional cost.

• Reduce your business costs with 4R Office’s Green Office Audit which guarantees savings

• Reduce your carbon footprint with 1000s of eco and ethical products

• Change lives by helping the company sponsor more Elephant Pumps 

• Covid 19 may change how we live, work and socialise but 4R Office’s eco cleaners will help protect you at home and in the office

• Stay safe with 4R Office’s return to work guidance and advice on working from home                       

Visit and call 01462 440 388 if you need help or advice. Together we can make a difference.