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Choosing the right coffee machine for your business: A comprehensive buying guide

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Coffee is one of the most popular workplace drinks in the world. Having quality hot coffee on demand is a great way to keep your staff and customers happier! Whether you’re looking to pep up the breakroom in a small mom n’ pop shop or a large commercial office, finding the right coffee machine for […]

OFFICE SUPPLIES: 4R Office Solutions

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4R Office is a web-based office supplies business. The company promotes sustainability by price supporting and leading with eco and ethical products to improve their appeal and encourage their use.  Some 2% of turnover is donated to Pump Aid (, a charity that continues to improve the health and quality of life by providing clean […]

November/December 2018

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In pursuit of effective expense management

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For the average UK business, expenses account for between 8% and 12% of overall expenditure. With an overwhelming 85% of employees admitting to overclaiming on expenses in the past year, this poses a real problem. Argos for Business comments on how companies can take back control of their cash flow with better expense management. Businesses […]

How corporates can benefit from Black Friday deals

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday, potentially the biggest shopping events of the year, see retailers offer significant deals and discounts on products to kick-start the Christmas shopping season. But this dedicated period of savings is by no means limited to a couple of days only or to just consumers. In fact, Black Friday and Cyber Monday […]