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PA Life introduces awards to reward Club members at 2018 Christmas party

PA Life will be rewarding its valued PA Life Club members at this year’s Christmas party, with five prestigious awards.

During the party that takes place at Toy Room London on November 26, PA Life will announce the five lucky winners.

The awards include:
Networker of the Year – an assistant who goes out of their way to meet new people at events.

Social Media Supporter of the Year – an assistant who supports the PA Life Club and its events across social media regularly.

Most Loyal Club Member – this member will have been a part of the Club since its beginning.

Outstanding Achievement – an assistant who has gone above and beyond in the industry, achieving great things.

PA of the Year – the PA Life team will choose an assistant who truly is a driving force in the industry.

PA Life Club members are welcome to nominate a colleague or themselves by explaining why they should win to now. The deadline for nominations is Monday, November 12.

If you are a PA Life Club member and would like to attend the Christmas party next month, contact to secure your space.

Priority will be given to Club members, however other PAs, EAs or office managers can contact Freddi Jackson to apply to attend now.

If you are a supplier and would like to sponsor the awards, please contact now.