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      PA Life readers say bring on team-building challenges

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      PA Life readers are welcoming the challenges brought on by team-building exercises this summer, with a majority telling our twitter poll to ‘bring it on’.

      50% of respondents to the poll revealed they’re more than happy to spend some time out of the office and (weather permitting) in the sun for some socialising with their colleagues. Another 17% said they’re up for the challenge, provided it’s not outdoors, suggesting that nearly one fifth of us aren’t too enthused by the idea of building makeshift rafts and battling the elements.

      The results go to show the importance of getting to know your workmates, with previous figures revealing most employees are willing to walk out of their jobs down to a hostile and unfriendly atmosphere.

      Challenges can range from smaller, hour-long exercises to activities that carry on over longer periods of time, and can encourage talent retention and loyalty.

      “People stay in, and go back to, jobs they like with people they like,” said Nancy Hey, Director of the What Works Centre for Wellbeing. “We are recommending that organisations carry out activities that boost social relations at work, and evaluate their impact.”

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