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In the past two weeks we have been running polls across Twitter and LinkedIn to find out more about what you want.

On Twitter we asked which social media platform do you prefer? Results showed 54% picked Twitter, 12.5% chose LinkedIn, 12.5% chose Facebook and 21% selected Instagram.

On LinkedIn we asked what platform do you use to watch videos online and 81% responded with YouTube. We have listened to your answers and have been adding new videos to the PA Life YouTube Channel each week. And if you have a video you would like to share, please get in touch at

Across both platforms we are currently running a new poll asking for your top tips on home schooling. So far results show 68% believe being flexible is the the best approach, 16.5% suggest using online resources, 10% said create to-do lists and 5.5% selected independent learning.

Have you been home schooling while working? Voting is still open and we want to hear your top tips on how to balance home education and working from home. Please feel free to share your advice in the comments section.

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