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    Is your home now also an office, a gym and a nursery…?

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    If so, then you’re not alone, as nearly half of workers have admitted their house no longer feels like ‘home’ – as it’s become an office, gym and nursery. A study of 2,000 employed adults found that 59 per cent have been forced to set up shop in their home at some point during the […]

    INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY: Time to celebrate how far we’ve come!

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    Today is International Women’s Day – a time to celebrate the achievements of women across the world, as well as raising awareness of the ongoing fight for equality. It’s incredibly encouraging that this event has grown so significantly over the past few years, from being a niche, annual ‘nod’ to women, to something that is […]

    Four in ten families now have more rows about their internet use

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    Four in ten families now have more rows about their internet use than they do about what to watch on TV – as the typical house juggles NINE connected devices at once. A poll of 2,000 parents found three quarters have argued about the broadband with their partner or children as they battle to home […]

    Home Printing Statistics 2021

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    What is the UK printing, how much are they printing and what is the most popular printer manufacturer? A new study by Cartridge People reveals the home printing habits of UK residents as the printer continues to support families and businesses through the coronavirus pandemic. The study also revealed what we’re now using our printers […]

    How to juggle home schooling while working as an EA

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    By Louise Stevenson, Operations Manager & EA to CEO, Criton Juggling balls, spinning plates; whatever you want to call it, parents are no strangers to multi-tasking. The last 12 months however have felt like slightly more than your average parental balancing act (like fire juggling, whilst being pelted with tomatoes, on a unicycle, with your […]

    PA Life Social Media Polls

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    In the past two weeks we have been running polls across Twitter and LinkedIn to find out more about what you want. On Twitter we asked which social media platform do you prefer? Results showed 54% picked Twitter, 12.5% chose LinkedIn, 12.5% chose Facebook and 21% selected Instagram. On LinkedIn we asked what platform do […]

    Ten expert tips on how to homeschool children while working from home

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    With a third national lockdown closing most UK schools, many parents will once again have to balance homeschooling while still doing their own work. So how do you balance home education and working from home? Oxford Home Schooling, one of the UK’s leading home education providers, has given its ten top tips on how to do just that. 1. Don’t worry about recreating the full school […]

    Half of parents worried by effects of home schooling their kids

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    Nearly half of parents think their children’s education will always be behind following months of disruption caused by Covid-19. A study of 2,000 mums and dads revealed they think it will take at least three weeks on average before their child is fully settled back into the school routine. A further two in five are […]

    Aren’t able to relax until after 8.30pm? You’re not alone

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    Busy parents juggling work, chores and children don’t get the chance to relax until 8:39pm. A study of 2,000 mums and dads found keeping the kids entertained, cooking meals and clearing up after the family mean they don’t get to sit down and unwind until late in the evening. Cleaning the kitchen, making sure children are […]