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      We’re all aware of how PAs can move through the ranks these days and be promoted to managerial roles within various industry sectors and it seems like some assistants are using their positions to launch themselves into the fabulous world of fashion. According to an article on website Business of Fashion, Jessica Michault, the Editor-in-Chief of, assisted International New York Times fashion editor Suzy Menkes when she began her career back in the mid-1990s.

      Jessica is quoted as saying that when fashion students ask her for advice on how to get into the business, she recommends they become the assistant “of someone they admire [who is] doing the work they want to do. It’s a great way to get your foot in the door and meet the right people. You learn so much, so fast, and if you are lucky, like I was, you are trained by someone with integrity and a strong work ethic.”

      Then there is Calgary Avansino, who is currently a contributing editor at British Vogue; she started out working as the personal assistant to the magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Alexandra Shulman. Calgary’s tip for making your way to the top is to “work really, really hard. I know this might seem obvious, but I see so many young people starting out today who want to do the minimum and reap all the benefits. You learn from everything you are asked to do and building a strong work ethic is invaluable as your career progresses.”

      Meanwhile, It girl du jour Kim Kardashian is rumoured to have no fewer than 15 assistants working for her. The reports that not only does she have her own coterie of assistants, she also borrows some from rapper husband Kanye West to help her out with various tasks. The selfie fan’s mother, Kris Jenner, is also said to have quite a few personal assistants on call, but apparently they never stay around that long, as she can be a challenging boss to work for.

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