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Perfecting the Backdrop: Key considerations when scouting corporate event venues

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As a PA or an event manager, your role in orchestrating successful corporate events is pivotal. An integral part of this process is the selection of the perfect venue. We’ve pulled together a list of the key considerations when searching for a home for your next project…

Corporate event venue guide

1. Location and Accessibility: The venue’s location can greatly influence attendance. Choose a site that’s easily accessible, close to public transportation, and within reasonable distance for attendees. If participants are travelling from outside the city or town, consider venues near hotels and airports.

2. Size and Layout: The venue should comfortably accommodate all attendees. Beyond just seating, consider space for networking, catering, and entertainment. The layout should also facilitate the flow of the event and conform to social distancing requirements, if necessary.

3. Facilities and Services: Ensure the venue provides essential facilities like Wi-Fi, AV equipment, parking, and toilets. Some venues offer package deals, including catering and technical support, which could simplify the event planning process.

4. Ambience and Branding: The venue’s aesthetic should align with the event’s theme and your company’s brand image. Check if the venue allows for customisation, such as banners, standees, and digital signage for branding.

5. Technical Capabilities: Depending on the event, you may require advanced technical support, such as professional lighting, sound systems, staging, and live-streaming capabilities. Ensure the venue can accommodate these needs.

6. Catering Options: Food and drink are key components of any event. Find out if the venue offers in-house catering, preferred suppliers or if you need to hire external caterers. Don’t forget to consider dietary restrictions and preferences.

7. Budget: Clearly the venue cost should align with your event budget, but remember, it’s not just about the rental fee. Consider additional expenses like parking, catering, AV equipment, and any potential overtime charges.

8. Staff Support: A helpful and professional venue team can ensure smooth execution of your event. They can assist with set-up, problem-solving during the event, and clean-up afterwards.

9. Sustainability: More companies are striving to minimise the environmental impact of their events. Consider venues that promote sustainability through waste management, energy efficiency, and sourcing local produce for catering.

10. Contingency Planning: Lastly, have a Plan B. If the event is outdoors, is there an indoor backup in case of bad weather? If there are any unforeseen changes, can the venue accommodate these?

Remember, the right venue can significantly contribute to the success of your corporate event. By considering these factors, you can ensure that your chosen venue meets all your needs and creates a memorable experience for the attendees.

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