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    Poor feedback is damaging small businesses

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    Small businesses are failing to tap into the potential of nearly 5 million employees, according to a new report. A study by HR software provider breatheHR has revealed that one in three small businesses aren’t giving their workforce the input needed to further their careers. Despite a majority of small business managers believing they must listen to their employees, many workers don’t think their voices are heard.

    Around one in five workers receive feedback from their managers every few months, while just 9% admitted to getting monthly input from a superior. 30% of workers surveyed revealed to having meetings to discuss their personal development outside of an annual appraisal, and concerns are being raised that not enough supervisors are willing to give feedback to their staff.

    Three quarters of small British businesses value personal development with their boss to keep them on track, yet 42% of bosses aren’t always prepared when it comes to appraisals. For small businesses, employee satisfaction and retention are hugely important, and many in start-ups and micro businesses are happier than bigger companies. With just one in five motivated by the current appraisal system and 51% admitting they’re dissatisfied with management, breatheHR is urging bosses to pay attention to their workforce if they want to succeed in business.

    “It’s not enough to have a system in place: you’ve got to walk the walk and talk the talk,” said Jonathan Richard, CEO of breatheHR. “If you take a moment to Google ‘what employees want’ – the results will point to one similar area: they want feedback, they want a clear career progression, to develop, goals and most importantly – purpose.

    “Employees want a dynamic process that allows for ongoing and continuous development, but what they’re getting falls well short of their expectations.”

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