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Prioritising the mental health and wellbeing of employees

PUSH, a leading wellbeing and performance company, has hailed 2020 as the year employers began prioritising the mental health and wellbeing of employees.

Despite a year that saw global lockdowns and a sudden exodus from the communal office to the home one, trends show that companies used the time to understand how to better support and reward employees, especially in a world that has quickly become ‘Zoomed-out’.  

Cate Murden, founder of PUSH, suggests it’s down to reinvesting in teams’ personal and interpersonal skillsets: “In 2020 we saw a 15% growth YoY for PUSH, meaning that during a year where everything and everyone was turned upside down, the wellbeing, resilience and mental health of the team were finally held in high regard.  

Working with businesses from academia to publishing to energy, it was clear to see that the biggest take-home, from working away from the office, is that we need to support our employees now more than ever. With everything from 1-2-1 mental health check-ins, personal and professional development and virtual Christmas parties, we helped offices come back together, even when that wasn’t physically possible.” 

Fundamentally, PUSH specialises in corporate wellness, mental health, leadership and professional development, working with clients to create tailored solutions to the challenges felt by their teams. Having welcomed 19 new clients in 2020 alone, the company is proof that brands are taking employee wellbeing, more seriously.  

Covid democratised mental health – helping us all realise (or admit) the impact that external events have on how we’re thinking and feeling. In times past it was easy to ignore such concerns, simply continuing to plough our own furrow without recognising the price of our labours. But as various wise people have said for millennia, ‘It’s not what happens to you in life which counts, but how you interpret and deal with it.

Now we’re seeing what impact this merry-go-round of strive and strife is having upon us all. So, perhaps it’s the case that the ‘new normal’ has a place for better recognition of mental health and wellbeing and to want far better for both of these than we ever have done previously.” 

Working with vast number of top brands in 2020 to better their workplace wellbeing, PUSH welcomed to the roster: Tik Tok, The Telegraph, Forward PMX, TBWA / Media Arts Lab, London Business School and M | Universal McCann GmbH. 

Cate Murden, advises: Now is not the times to hanker after the past and seek whatever passed for ‘normal’ in the pre-Covid era. Too much has changed, and by necessity, we have accelerated far too quickly into the future to expect that things will return to the way they were. Like it or not, the ‘New Normal’ is here to stay. Having spent a lot of last year adapting quickly and taking stock, 2021 is the time to seize opportunities both to work on ourselves and our businesses. Despite the scale of current challenges, there has never been a better moment to face what, in previous times, we might have found daunting, fearful and near impossible, and tackle these head-on. It’s all about balance, wellbeing and a true feeling of support.” 

As the workforce – and the world – moves into 2021, PUSH will continue to guide and inspire businesses to self-audit, create routines to fit the ‘new-normal’ and commit to employee wellbeing. To aid in this transition to an enlightened workplace, PUSH will also be launching a number of invaluable tools including the first fully integrated, live and digital, wellbeing and employee performance app.  

For more information on how PUSH can support you during lockdown, visit www.pushmindbody.comand to book contact