Private Jets – The myths and misconceptions

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There are many misconceptions ‘flying’ around on what it’s like to charter a private jet.

So, London Jet Charter is here to help explain the myths and let you know whether they are based on fact or fiction…

It’s too expensive

Private jets have become a more affordable way to travel, and with safety concerns in mind, and the time saved in delays, queuing, scheduling, often the cost becomes more acceptable. The cost is also for the entire aircraft, so you take as many guests with you as the jet allows.

London Jet Charter offer options of jet-sharing and empty legs, which brings the cost down considerably for you.

Private Jets are less stable than commercial aircrafts

Because private jets are smaller if there is turbulence or bad weather they are able to better avoid it by flying higher, they can also quickly arrange alternate routes.

I don’t need a passport if I travel by Private Jet

The same security checks are made with regards to passports so where you would need to have one with you commercially, you will still need to provide one privately.

There are fewer destinations that can be accessed by Private Jet

Because the itinerary is based on the passenger’s needs you can often get closer to your final destination than you ever could before.

You have access to the widest range of airports imaginable, from private airstrips to international hubs, and with the option of additional helicopters you could even land in the grounds of your chosen location.

It is too complicated to charter a Private Jet

Booking through London Jet Charter guarantees you are working with a team that cares for your satisfaction, your wellbeing, and your budget. They want you to come away from your flight having experienced luxury and comfort as it is meant to be, hassle-free with a personal touch. London Jet Charter want to make sure they become your preferred way of travelling so they do everything they can to make you feel special.

For more information please visit or get in touch at or on 0203 432 4449.

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