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      The July/August 2019 issue of PA Life magazine is out and available for you to read online right now – and it’s a big one, with the announcement of an exciting new initiative: the launch of the PA Life Star Awards.

      It’s also our annual Venues Issue, ensuring your vision is 20:20 when it comes to choosing the best venues the UK has to offer.

      Read the latest issue here.

      If you’re a PA, EA, Corporate Booker – or a supplier to the sector – you should enter. It’s easy, and free, to nominate yourself or a colleague, so head over to page 40 to find out more.

      Certainly, this issue’s PA Profile star should consider nominating herself. Colour Sergeant Claudine Martin, a PA at the Ministry of Defence, has had a super impressive career in the Army for the past 11 years, including six months’ operations in Iraq and a stint protecting the Queen. All whilst solely caring for two small children. Turn to page 11 to read her story and be inspired.

      Another star PA, Karen Crowley at construction specialist Baily Garner, has recently tackled a mammoth task of creating a more environmentally-friendly workplace. This project went way beyond organising recycling bins and took in a reduction of electricity and gas consumption, ensuring the cleaning company uses more environmentally-friendly products, and much, much more. Her case study on page 20 will motivate you and provide a blueprint for kickstarting your own ‘green office’ drive.

      The movement to tackle climate change has been accelerated, of course, thanks to the likes of the amazing Greta Thunberg, plus groups like Extinction Rebellion. And as we finish off this issue of PA Life, we’re struggling in the unprecedented 39-degree heat the UK is witnessing – so we should all be looking carefully at what measures can be taken at home and at work that can help reduce damaging our planet further.

      So it’s with this in mind that our Opinion article this issue highlights this important issue too. Turn to page 9 to read the great advice Danielle Francis, PA to the Chair at the Financial Conduct Authority, has to offer.

      Meanwhile, flexible working is something of a hot topic right now, with a Bill having been raised in Parliament twice recently in a bid to change the laws surrounding it. We take a look (pages 34-35) at some of the benefits of flexible working environments – staff are happier, they’re more likely to stay with a company, it helps working mothers return to work, and more – whilst also talking to PAs about their own experiences.

      And, there’s more! We hope you enjoy this issue. If you’d like to get in touch, email us at editorial@palife.co.uk – and we hope to see you soon at upcoming events!

      Read the latest issue here.

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