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      Register for our Webinar: Confessions of global EAs

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      There’s still time to register for our webinar, in association with Uber for Business, which takes place on Wednesday May 6th!

      Not all EAs and PAs wear capes, but Rochelle Biss from Uber for Business, Abigail Jones from Facebook and Marie Heinsen from Sagittarius Agency might as well, for their PA powers are nothing short of heroic.*

      These three EAs will be discussing the biggest challenges facing EAs today – both during the pandemic lockdown and beyond.

      Key topics covered will include:

      • Self-care for professional success
      • Self-care resources
      • Company culture and community
      • How to bring more value to your organisation at large
      • Changes and challenges in business travel

      Join this super trio for the interactive webinar ‘Confessions of Executive Assistants’ on Wednesday May 6th, from 11:00am – 12:00pm UK time.

      During the webinar, Rochelle, Abigail and Marie will spill the beans on their tips for staying mindful, going digital, and claiming their space as community advocates within their organisations and beyond. Sign up for this free webinar here – https://businesses.uber.com/U4B-EMEA-WBNR-2020-PA-Confessions.html

      *Disclaimer: Speakers may or may not be conducting the webinar with capes on. Register below to find out during the live session on May 6th!

      Register your place today here!

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